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Volunteering with VDO

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The Volunteer Program bring the necessary volunteers for the projects, find the adequate living conditions for that volunteers, find the neccesary resources and coordinate all the activities.

In the program of VDO volunteers can work in three main areas: SOCIAL WORK, EDUCATION and CULTURE.

In the libraries volunteers makes many activities with children in order to promote Reading and to give short courses in English language, Maths, basic Computer skills, Arts and other subjects.

In addition, we promote all the posible activities and events that can help children to open their minds and find better opportunities in life. There are summer camps, reading and drawing contests, dance groups and many other initiatives. All these activities are realized by our volunteers.

It is also important for the libraries to create our own teaching and multimedia material. For example, Children of our Library has a dance group and are preparing a line dance performance, so one of the actual needs is to produce a video of this performance. This video is important in order to encourage children to participate.

All our opportunities are for volunteers with a medium level Spanish Language, in order to communicate with children. Volunteers must have a good camera for to make a video production in HD. Not necessary experience is required in special subjects as dancing because there are much material available in Internet that can be used as a guide.

Our program is an immersion program in wich volunteers participate actively in all these activities and in the other daily activities of children and families. Volunteers has the opportunity to increase their Spanish level and to learn about the real culture and life of the andean communities.

VDO offers short-term volunteer opportunities on a low cost basis and through an easy and fast application process. VDO volunteers have the opportunity to serve poor communities in a developing country while improving their Spanish abilities and getting to know the country and its culture.

Volunteers have the opportunity to immerse in the true life of the comunnities participating in their social and cultural events.

But VDO is not a simple volunteer program. During the volunteer time volunteers receive permanent assistance from VDO founders and are invited to share our normal life and to feel as in family. After the program former volunteers are invited to continue in contact receiving news from the projects and helping in the continuation of the programs. Many former volunteers has returned one or twice to visit us. So volunteers work dont finish when leaving the projects. After returning home former volunteers continue helping in finding resources, sponsors and more volunteers.

We are looking for volunteers with an adequate knowledge in each subject. VDO volunteers must be very adaptable to local conditions, to have a sincere desire of helping others and to love working witrh children.

If you are interested in volunteering with us you can write to Gonzalo to the mail voccidente@hotmail.com Please give Gonzalo the most accurate information about you, your studies, your volunteers experience and your interest in volunteering with VDO. Also, and the most important, the aproximate dates for your travel and lengh of your volunteer period with us. With all this info Gonzalo will reply you with the best opportunities we have for you to volunteer, and with the conditions to participate in our program.


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