The help to secondary school students is having great results

Photo: VDO

While village children attended our courses run by volunteers many children were very intelligent and with many capacities, so we asked to AFET, former volunteers and friends to create a special fund dedicated to supporting good students enable them to go to secondary school.

Gladys, an 18 year old Ecuadorian girl has been receiving support from our programs since she was 7 and has always worked hard and in this last year in secondary school she has given us great satisfactions. Ten years ago it was impossible for her family to think of sending her and her siblings to the secondary school, just to the primary and then they had to work in the land. Today for these children things have improved immeasurably.

In April 2015 Gladys was elected as the third best student of all the school of more than 500 students. In a very special ceremony with all school and political authorities present she had the honour of carrying the flag of the school. The first placed student carries the flag of Ecuador, the second the flag of the town of Mocha. In this special ceremony last year students swear to defend the national flag.

In May she along with the best high school students from all the country were awarded with a one-week trip by train, from Quito the Capital, to Guayaquil, on the Coast by the Ecuadorian government. They left Ambato Sunday, May 10 and they returned by plane on Saturday 16 May.

Gladys graduation was on the 21st July, in another emotional ceremony. She is grateful and we are very proud of her and other members of the group that also finished secondary school with good results. Gladys has gained University entrance and is a great role model for the younger children.


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