VDO Projects

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The aim of our projects is based on the following considerations:

Many children lacks of adequate nourishment, they have to work and some parents consider that education is not important. The first step is to help families to improve the living conditions of the children and to make it possible for them to attend school, in order to avoid becoming street children.

We found many shortfalls in the rural schools and lovely children anxious for an opportunity to learn. When VDO started to work in a rural area nearly 90% of the primary schools we visited did not have any computers and children had never had an English language class, something necessary to enter secondary school. The second step is to increase the level of the education with additional resources and the important help of volunteers.

But this is not enough. Children from rural and suburban areas continue isolated and with less opportunities even after some years of secondary school. To find a good job in the City or to go to the University is still a remote possibility. Our third step is to improve the cultural level of children and young. In this way they will have the enough skills and courage to look for better, really better living conditions.

The VDO Library can be located inside a school, in a room of the community or in a house directly administrated by VDO. After some time of working in the community a group of the most interested and collaborative children and families are invited to form the base group that will participate in all the activities and that will receive all the benefits of the program.

With the parents and children of this group a list of needs is stablished and a work plan is planned for each semester of the year. The libraries are more than libraries, they are the place for reading, courses, computers, meetings and to realize all other activities of the project.

Simultaneously with the main project other side projects appear,such as courses for adults or an English language club for people who want to practice English. In both the main and the side projects the only possibility to make it a reality is with the strong participation of volunteers.

VDO has actually three permanent projects, in Ecuador in a suburban neighborhood of Ambato and in a rural community of the town of Mocha, near Ambato. In Colombia in the small village of Genoy, very near to the city of Pasto, close to the border with Ecuador.

VDO has three seasonal projects in Colombia, one in the fisher community of la boquilla, close to the city of Cartagena, one in the Town of San Agustin, an archeological place, and one near the city of Armenia, in the famous coffee zone where the colombian coffee is growth.


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