Great News: We are back in Mocha!

Photo: VDO

As with many other small rural schools, the school in el Porvenir was closed in 2014 and the children were sent to a big school in the town of Mocha. The Government spent large amounts of money on construction and equipment but some time after this the teachers decided that they were not sufficiently trained to teach English language and Computers skills.

Worried by this situation the parents ask VDO if it would be possible to return with volunteers to teach English and computers. They took this seriously In less than two months the parents found a house very near the old school in El Porvenir

The house has been repaired and painted by parents and the electric connections have been installed. We have started the new library for the children and we hope to begin courses soon, hoping to find volunteers!

This project started more than 10 years ago with the help of local volunteers and they are so enthusiastic that we are encouraging them with very interesting initiative: a web radio station. That means that very soon we hope to have some great news.

We lived an emotional moment when children started to arrive at the house and we found that some of them are children of young couples that around to ten years ago were students of our volunteers at that time!


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